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How To Create And Work With Folders On iPhone

Dan King
Dan King

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The Files app is a very useful addition to iPhone and is often overlooked by users since it is sort of hidden away on your iOS device.  There are some very powerful tasks you can accomplish using the Files application, especially if you are a Mac user.  We are going to review some of them here.

How to Create Folders in iOS Using the Files App

Here is a quick rundown of the steps to create a new folder in the Files app:

  1. Use Search to open the Files App
  2. Check out the Files App Menu Options
  3. Once you have chosen a location, you will be presented with all of your Location Options Folders
  4. Create a New Folder
  5. Name your new folder
  6. Begin using your new folder

Use Search to Open the Files App

Using Search, type "Files" and the Files app will be the first entry in the list.  Tap on the Files app to open it.

iPhone Search app searching for Files app

The Files App Menu Options

The Files app home screen will list all of the locations available including your iCloud Drive, files located on your iPhone, as well as any other cloud services you are using such as OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

iPhone Files app Location options

Files Location Options Folders

Click on the location option you would like to access and it will bring up all of the files located there.  Here we are accessing our iCloud Drive:

iPhone Files folder options

Create a New Folder

To create a new folder, tap the ellipses in the top right corner of the screen to access the options.  Tap on New Folder.

iPhone Files app Create New Folder

Name Your New Folder

You will be presented with an "untitled folder" which you can then rename whatever you would like.  Here we have renamed ours "New Titled Folder".

iPhone Files app Tile folder

Put Your New Folder to Use

Once you have renamed your new folder, tap on it to open it and you will be presented with a Folder is Empty message.  Now you can begin adding files to your new folder!

iPhone Files app Folder is Empty screen

Working with Folders on your iOS device

Now lets explore how to work with your new folder.  Here we are going to move a picture from our Photos app to the new folder we just created.

Choose An Image from the Photos App

Open your Photos app and choose an image to save in your new folder.

iPhone photo of golden retriever in sunglasses

Save Your Photo to the Files App

Here we chose the Share option in the lower left corner of our photo and click on the Save to Files option.

iPhone photo Save to Files option

Choose your location to Save your Photo

When you click on Save to Files, you will be presented with your locations to save your photo.  Here we are choosing our new folder we titled, "New Titled Folder" above.

iPhone save photo to new folder in Files app

Save Your Photo

After you choose the folder to save your photo to, the folder will open and you will see its contents.  Since we created a new folder above, our folder is empty.  Click on the Save option in the top right corner to save your photo to this folder location.

iPhone save photo to empty folder in Files app

View Your Folder Contents

Here we can see our "New Titled Folder" now has our image stored in it and the folder has been Synced with iCloud which automatically happens when you store something in a folder you created in iCloud Drive.

iPhone Files app saves image in new folder

And that is the basics of creating folders and working with them in the Files app.  Look for more articles and helpful tips for iOS and Mac here at AskAboutStuff!

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