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How To Type The Degrees Symbol On Mac, Windows And iPhone

Dan King
Dan King

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Modern keyboards have a ton of useful functions, including many that are not so obvious.  Since there is only so much room on a keyboard, many of these functions have to be hidden behind a series of key presses or a combination of multiple keys. The degrees symbol is one of those common symbols that have been left off of the printed characters on modern keyboards.  Luckily, there are many ways to type this commonly-used symbol on any keyboard or operating system you are using.

Here is how to type the degree symbol on each of the major operating systems.

How To Type The Degree Symbol On A Mac

It is very simple to type the degree (°) symbol on a Mac.  Simply perform the following:

  1. Hold down Option + Shift + 8
Apple keyboard option Shift 8 shortcut for degrees (°)

How To Type The Degree Sign On iPhone

Here are the steps to typing the degrees symbol on iPhone:

  1. Tap the 123 button in the bottom-left of the keyboard.
iPhone 123 button highlighted

2.  Tap and hold the number 0 button until the option dialogue appears above it

iPhone zero button highlighted for degrees symbol

3.  Without lifting your finger from the keyboard, swipe up to the degree symbol and release your finger.

iPhone degree symbol in text

And now you know how to type the degree symbol on iPhone!

How To Type The Degree Symbol On Windows

NOTE: You must have a numeric keypad on your keyboard to use either of these methods. You cannot use the numeric keys at the top row of your keyboard for this.

Hold down Alt + 0176 on the keypad


Hold down Alt + 248 on the numeric keypad

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