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How To Take, Edit, And Share A Screenshot On iPhone

Dan King
Dan King

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Taking a screenshot is something you might need to learn to do right away on your iPhone 12, 13, or 14.  Whether you are using an iPhone, Mini, Pro, or Max, Apple made the process easy and we explain it here!

Screenshots can be used for many different purposes.  You might be shopping online in your web browser and see a product you want to save for later.  You can save this to your Photos library and come back to it later, or add it to your Notes or To Do lists.  You might also want to share a screenshot with a friend or family member, in which case you can send it to them via email or a text message. Fortunately, Apple made the process easy and we explain it below!

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 mini, 12, and 12 Pro

It does not matter what screen you are on - this method will work from any screen:

Take the Screen Shot

  1. Click the Volume Up and the Lock button (right side button) at the same time.  You will see a small, animated preview of the screen you took appear in the lower left area of your screen.
Blue iPhones demonstrating how to take a screenshot

2.  Here is a sample of a screenshot of an iPhone home page:

iPhone wallpaper background image

Edit the Screenshot

You can tap the preview if you would like to make edits:

iPhone tap preview to make edits to your screenshot

If you would like to markup the screenshot you just took, simply tap the markup icon in the top menu:

iPhone screenshot markup button

Now you can markup your screenshot with whatever you like, including highlights, notes, or even a crop of the original image.

iPhone screenshot markup menu

Sharing Your Screenshot

Tap and hold the preview if you want to share the screenshot to an application, AirDrop, or another sharing method.  Once you do this, you will be presented with the following menu of options for sharing your screenshot:

iPhone screenshot sharing options

Once you hit Done in the upper left corner of the screenshot, it will present you with a menu where you can Save to Photos, Save to Files, Delete the screenshot, or perform many other actions with the shot you just took.

iPhone photo actions menu

Taking screenshots on your iPhone is a simple operation, but many people do not understand the additional functionality Apple provides once your screenshot is taken.  We hope this guide has been helpful in learning to take full advantage of screenshots on your iPhone!

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