AskAboutStuff is an independent publication launched in October 2022 by Dan King. The site covers several Technology-related areas including step-by-step How-To articles, Product Reviews, new features, and troubleshooting guides for Mac, iOS devices, and Windows.

Dan King - Creator of AskAboutStuff
Dan King - creator of AskAboutStuff

A Little About Dan

I grew up a restless kid who was involved in every sport where someone would accept me on a team.  Already a wrestler and baseball player, I got heavily into tennis at 12 years old and spent the next 20 years as a tournament/collegiate player, professional player, teaching professional, and ultimately a club director.

After injuries ended my career in my early 30's, I switched my focus to computers and all things technology related.  I taught myself to code and became a Web and Software Developer full-time.  I spent a decade as a coder and a front-end specialist for various Fortune 500 companies. I have since moved into the Agile space and work as an Agile Delivery Lead and Scrum Master and help software teams deliver great products.

I started AskAboutStuff because I am still that restless kid I was growing up. I love to be helpful and am always answering tech questions for friends and family. One day as I was helping my parents with a PC issue, my mom said I should start a website to help people... and so I did!

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